5 minute makeup

As a new Mum I find it hard to spend time like I used to on my makeup but I still want to make an effort. I have discovered that I can actually do a full face of makeup in around 5 minutes using the right products.

Not including my prep being; cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream and lip balm. I start my makeup with a high coverage concealer. This one from ELF cosmetics (here) is great it doubles as a foundation too I have used it for both so it’s a great multitasker. I then use a mineral foundation which is super quick to apply and gives a lovely finish. I use the bare minerals original one (here). Then I pop on some bronzer I use the bodyshop bronzer (here) and use a large brush for an overall colour. I then add a touch of blush, I use the bourjois blush in Rose D’or (here) at the moment  (you can skip this step). 

I apply a matte brown shadow to my eyebrows and use this too as eyeshadow from revlon in rich sable (here). I use the bronzer for my transition colour on my eyelids too which saves time. I finish off with mascara I still use L’Oréal telescopic and I’m done for the day. 

Some days I don’t bother with makeup but I find that it makes me feel more confident and ready for the day! Gone are the days I could spend half an hour in the morning applying my makeup but it proves you can still find time to make a little effort! 

What are your favourite time saving makeup picks? 

KK xx


Christmas and new year makeup menu…

Christmas is here again and so are the Christmas parties! 

I always think of this season as an excuse to wear a bolder lip and a bit of sparkle! 

I want my face makeup to last all night so I choose a good primer; benefit porefessional is my choice. It keeps my makeup in place and smooths over pores. My foundation is a recent favourite; Chanel lumière Velvet which lasts really well and has a semi-matte finish. I cover my mummy bags up with the urban decay naked concealer it’s full coverage and blends like a dream! For powder I set this with laura mercier translucent powder. For a touch of colour I use the bodyshop honey bronzer in no4. The blush I use is tarte frisky. For highlighter you cant beat becca champagne pop. 

For the eyes I like a smokey eye with a bit of glitter for the party season, lots of black liner and mascara. I like to use MAC gold glitter, MAC smoulder liner and YSL baby doll mascara. 

For my lips I have been loving the maybelline vivid matte liquid in possessed plum. I love a darker lip in the winter.

I finish off by spraying my face with urban decay all nighter setting spray. 

What are your party season favourites?

KK xx

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Review

I have been wanting to try this foundation for ages but I was waiting till I had used a few others up first. I have heard such great things about this foundation so I had high hopes!

I have used the Chanel vitalumiere aqua and loved it but felt I always wanted a more mattified look so this foundation seemed ideal to me.

I picked shade B30 which was a good match. I will probably pick up a darker shade too for when I’m fake tanned. The foundation is very liquidy so be careful when you squirt it out; also make sure you shake the bottle well. There is a fragrance to it as well but it’s lovely and fruity. 

I used a flat top kabuki brush to apply this and used the benefit porefessional primer as a base too.

On first impressions a little goes a long way and seemed to blend really easily and it didn’t settle into my pores or fine lines. It was more of a semi-matte finish and didn’t feel drying at all on my skin I did one layer and was happy with the result so did the rest of my face.

I have used this foundation a few times now and each time I wear it I like it even more. I have tried it with and without primer and to be honest I love the finish either way! I would recommend this for oily/combination skin as it is a semi-matte finish and it’s very long lasting. If you are thinking this foundation would suit you but aren’t sure about spending so much on a foundation i would ask the lovely assistant at Chanel to match you up and to take a sample home to try before you buy. I would ask for a sample of the vitalumiere too; you may like the satin finish that gives.

The foundation is £33 (here) but at the moment it’s on offer! 

KK xx

Body shop vitamin c daily moisturiser SPF 30

Kelly's Kosmetics

I have been on the hunt for the perfect day moisturiser for a while; one that’s not too heavy, contains an spf and works for me under my makeup.

I have tried so many and there is always something I want to change whether it be the scent, the texture or how it sits on my skin.

Currently I have dry/combination skin so ideally I need something that won’t make my skin an oil slick before applying makeup, that sinks in quickly and keeps me hydrated throughout the day.

I came across this Body shop vitamin C moisturiser and had read some good reviews on it so I wanted to try it out for myself.

I applied the moisturiser after cleansing and toning the skin using my Liz Earle cleanser and Bodyshop vitamin c toner. I used about a five pence sized amount of moisturiser for my face and neck.

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How to make your lashes grow – Mavala double-lash 

img_9290-2I love my mascara; I rarely go out without it on and I like my lashes to have volume and length. In the past I have had lash extensions which has unfortunately ensured that I have lost a good chunk of my lashes. I have always had naturally long Lashes and was devastated when I found I had lost some.

I decided to look into a product that would help with the growth and volume and I came accross this product; Mavala double lash.

I wish I would have done a before and after picture to compare but I honestly didn’t expect much from this product; I am extremely suprised at how simple it is to use and how effective it is! I feel like I’v got my natural lashes back!

I bought mine on eBay here for £10.29 (here)

Each night when I am doing my usual face routine I apply this serum to my lashes using the applicator from root to tip; just like you would your mascara, it’s as simple as that.

Has anyone tried this products or any similar products? Did they work for you?

KK xx

Maybelline color sensational vivid matte liquid lipstick 

Vowing to myself I wouldn’t purchase anymore makeup for a while was a waste of time…when I see new makeup launches especially in the vein of matte lips; I can’t help myself. 

Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands. I love their gel liner, the fit me concealer and the contour and highlight powder. When I saw the matte liquid lipstick I knew I had to try them; plus they were on offer!

I picked up two shades of this in and I wanted to try two completely different colours one more nude based for daytime and one darker toned for evenings out.

I tried the nude matte first and on first impressions I loved the colour. It’s like a liquid version of mac velvet teddy just a tad lighter. The finish isn’t fully matte it’s almost like a cream which makes it very comfortable to wear on the lips. I found it lasted really well too. This ticks all the boxes for me; a great nude shade, not too drying and it looks great on the lips! 

The other shade I tried was a berry shade I wanted to try something I could wear for autumn/winter and for evenings out. I thought this shade was perfect. Again very comfortable on the lips. This shade is very flattering and I found I didn’t need to apply a liner. I think it’s the perfect colour for an autumnal lip.

I am definitely excited to try more shades from this range I think the formula is the perfect matte/lipgloss hybrid. I do sometimes find other matte liquid lipglosses/lipsticks very drying and uncomfortable on the lip so I was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of these. I would recommend trying these out they are available to buy at most drugstores and they are available from Boots now for buy one get one half price (here).

Has anyone else tried these? If so which shades? 

KK xx

Leibster award 

I have been nominated for a leibster award!

I have been so busy recently as a new mum but I hadn’t forgotten so thank you to Ang and Me for nominating me! 

I don’t know much about the liebster award but I know now it’s an award given to bloggers by other bloggers; which I think is great! I love the blogging community and how there is encouragement within the world of blogging from fellow bloggers. 

The rules:

– Post 11 facts about myself 

– Answer 11 questions from your nominator

– Nominate 5-11 other blogs with under 200 followers and ask them 11 questions and let them know they have been nominated

11 facts about me:

1. I am 5ft 1″

2. I have a son called Austin

3. I am obsessed with makeup

4. My favourite place in the world is Orlando, Florida (need I elaborate??)

5. I have two sisters

6. I am married to an identical twin

7. I have a degree in photography 

8. I love to cook

9. My favourite tipple is a gin and tonic with cucumber 

10. Autumn is my favourite season

11. I have an unhealthy obsession with reality television 

Questions from my nominator:

1. What was your dream career as a kid?

I wanted to be a postman!! (I loved postman pat!)

2. What’s your favourite beauty product?

I would say my favourite at the moment is my Laura Mercier translucent powder.

3. What is your favourite book?


4.what is your favourite season?

Autumn; cosy nights fireworks and Halloween!

5. If you could go anywhere in the world , where would it be?

Somewhere I have never been before so probably Kenya or somewhere I could do a safari.

6. Coffee or tea?

Tea all the way!

7. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Definitely eating the big chocolate bars by myself; especially in pregnancy.

8. What is your favourite thing to splurge on?

Makeup 100%

9. What was your favourite subject in school?

Art; ceramics and graphic design.

10. Where is the most exciting place you have travelled to? 

I’d have to say Yosemite national park in California; me and my husband did a Pacific coast trip last year and had an amazing time I just loved it at Yosemite it puts into perspective just how big the world is and how amazing nature is.

I nominate:

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Jessie’s blog 

Questions for my nominees;

1. What is your favourite food?

2. Where do you want to travel to where you haven’t been before?

3. How do you chill out?

4. Do you exercise?

5. Do you have a best friend?

6. What food can you not stand?

7. Who do you idolise?

8. Do you eat healthy?

9. Favourite alcoholic drink (if any)?

10. What is your best childhood memory?

11. Do you have any pets?

Can’t wait to see your answers! 

Please share the love and nominate! 

KK xx

Professional makeup advice for beginners 

Kelly's Kosmetics

As a professional makeup artist I get tonnes of questions about technique, products and skincare. I think everyone has a way they like their makeup to look or how they would like it to look.

I absolutely love nothing more than a real transformation; especially prom style or bridal makeup.


I always focus on the base as I feel this is the most important part of makeup. You have to ensure you have primed perfectly for your skin. Whether you have dry, oily or acne prone skin there are ways to apply products to ensure your makeup goes on more smoothly and has the lasting power.

I always ask my clients what skin type they have and often feel for any textures on their skin I can then apply a moisturiser and primer suitable for their skin type. This is the first thing I do when applying a clients…

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Favourite high end products 

Kelly's Kosmetics

I am a real bargain hunter when it comes to shopping for makeup and love a good deal but I also love a good splurge!

I always research makeup and look at reviews in the way of blog posts and YouTube videos. I never make a rash decision on expensive high end makeup. I do feel like good advertising plays a massive part in the high end makeup market but I do fall for beautiful packaging every time!

The high end makeup I have splurged on and love; I want to share with you as I do believe it was worth the price.

When I say high end makeup I regard this as the big beauty counters in stores like Boots, Debenhams or Selfridges. I get a real buzz when I am in the beauty halls of these places and love the smells and the displays it’s like my happy…

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